AJ Harris - Research Pages



I am currently a Peter Buck postdoctoral fellow in the research program of Jun Wen at the National Museum of Natural History of the Smithsonian Institution

I am interested in plant systematics and ecology, especially for addressing questions about biogeography. In my research, I use methods such as phylogenetic and phylogenomic reconstruction, observations of fossils and herbarium specimens, histology and microscopy, fieldwork, application of ecological models and statistics, and big data to test hypotheses on biogeographic origins and radiations of plants as well as to study trait evolution. I am also interested in developing algorithms and computer programs to support my research.  

My present work is on several aspects of the relationships among functional traits, molecular evolutionary rates, and colonization success of selected North American plant groups with special emphasis on tribe Acereae, comprising maples, or Acer L., and their close relative, Dipteronia Oliv.